Information Assurance

We protect our customers' sensitive information by following Information Technology (IT) and Information Assurance (IA) security certification and accreditation (C&A) processes. This includes detection (via monthly on-site IA scans), tracking, analysis, reporting, and mitigation of emerging threats. We close all vulnerabilities, routing only mission-critical information as dictated by our customers’ requirements.

Our IA Engineering Service team employs Transmission Security (TRANSEC) on RF portions of the network. We also leverage NSA-approved Type 1 encryption devices, and our modem technology supports Triple Data Encryption Standard- (3DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-level encryption. Our solution is a secure, reliable platform for all IP traffic, supporting classified and unclassified networks. Through our 24/7/365 Network Operations Security Center (NOSC), Inmarsat Government’s highly skilled and cleared personnel maintain on-site Communications Security (COMSEC) capabilities. We work closely with IA certifiers to ensure adherence to all government requirements. We also employ cleared personnel (U.S. and NATO) and support our customers’ Authority to Operate (ATO), Information Security (INFOSEC) and IA process requirements.

Recommended services

  • Managed Network Services

    It’s not just the components that distinguish our Managed Network Services. It’s the way we custom-design the network for your unique needs. And then manage it completely from end-to-end, so you can rest assured about security and reliability.
  • IT Engineering

    Our IT Engineering team custom-designs the Web-based tools you depend on for your mission. They help you monitor and manage assets, observe and respond to trends and maintain situational awareness.
  • NOSC

    Welcome to our Network Operations Security Center, the U.S.-based facility where our security-cleared RF and IP professionals keep their finger on the pulse of your network, 24/7, from end to end. They’re always on duty, so you can rest easier.
  • Regulatory Support

    If you depend on Host Nation Agreements, then depend on us. We can help plan your strategy streamline processes, acquire licenses and prevent penalties. And we’ll alert you to the inevitable changes before they derail your efforts.