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    Inmarsat Government offers CS2 customers a secure, integrated satellite and terrestrial global network that supports a full-range U.S. government missions. Our network is custom-built for U.S. government requirements.
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    Inmarsat Government welcomes the opportunity to work together with small businesses. We constantly seek to identify and collaborate with small-, minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses with experience in providing satellite and terrestrial communications.

Recommended services

  • Solutions by Customer

    Military, civilian, intelligence, homeland security, and public safety. All depend on secure, reliable communications—but in different ways. Our experts know how to address the unique organizational needs of each.
  • Solutions by Environment

    Land, maritime, aerospace—each environment brings a unique set of demands and challenges. We build solutions take into account not just what your mission requires you to do, but where you may need to do it.
  • GSA Schedule 70

    Now, federal, state and local government customers, including DOD organizations, have direct access to our Fixed Satellite, VSAT and Mobile Satellite Services through GSA’s newly created Special Item Numbers (SINs).
  • Network Services

    We’ll design, build and manage your network from end-to-end. Our one-stop “big-picture” approach to managed networks provides the coverage, reliability and security you need—and the accountability you want.