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While our aeronautical products include legacy and classic Inmarsat services, as well as maritime terminals from Honeywell/EMS Satcom and Cobham, we largely offer SwiftBroadband through Cobham terminals.

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SwiftBroadband provides a high-quality voice channel with the full functionality of land-based fixed phone services and a generic SMS service. For backward compatibility, it also provides a circuit-switched ISDN service.

Features include:
  • Standard IP data – currently up to two channels per aircraft: Up to 432kbps per channel over a high-gain antenna, and up to 332kbps over an intermediate gain antenna
  • IP data streaming on demand at 32, 64, 128kbps, which can be combined for higher rates
  • Simultaneous voice and high-speed data: Packet data (TCP/IP) and ISDN, and Circuit-switched voice and VoIP
  • Standalone or simultaneous operation with Inmarsat’s Aero H/H+ and Swift 64services. It is also GPRS and UMTS compatible, compliant with ARINC 781
  • Support for high-assurance applications, including NATO secret and NSA Type-1 encryption systems providing remote mobile access to classified networks – STU-III/IIb, STE, KIV-7, Brent and HAIPE devices including KG-175 TACLANE, KG-235 Sectéra, KG-250 Altasec, subject to verification testing
Cobham Aviator SwiftBroadband Terminals

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