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We offer a variety of Cobham SAILOR terminals, enabling voice and broadband data communications in mobile environments.

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Cobham Sailor 150

Sailor 150 FleetBroadband is an exciting new product from Cobham. It is the most compact solution to offer true global IP data and high quality voice to a wide range of vessels. Sailor 150 FleetBroadband is a single-user, entry-level solution for professional vessels with low airtime budgets and bandwidth requirements. Features include:

  • Competitive price
  • Dual voice and data
  • IP connection
  • LAN interface
  • IP handset
Cobham Sailor 150 Fleetbroadband Terminal

Cobham Sailor 250

Sailor 250 FleetBroadband harnesses the flexibility of Inmarsat’s next I-4 satellite service, FleetBroadband. It offers budget conscious fishing vessels, workboats and private yachts the opportunity to enter the broadband arena while providing the reliability and functionality expected of systems for large commercial vessels. Features include:

  • IP connection
  • Streaming IP
  • Dual voice and data
  • Remote access to user terminal
  • Local exchange
Cobham Sailor 250 Fleetbroadband Terminal

Cobham Sailor 500

Fast and cost-effective broadband enables Sailor 500 FleetBroadband to support thousands of users and has positively changed ship operation and crew welfare. After becoming the de-facto industry standard Inmarsat FleetBroadband solution, the best has just gotten better.

The second-generation Sailor 500 FleetBroadband features:
  • IP connection
  • Streaming IP
  • ISDN 64kbps
  • Dual voice and data
  • Remote Access to user terminal
  • Local Exchange
Cobham Sailor 500 Fleetbroadband Terminal

Customized Intellian GX 100PM

In addition to standard, off the shelf products and services, Inmarsat Government works with partners to design products specifically for your needs. This Intellian terminal was designed to handle both L and Ka-band.


Offered exclusively by Inmarsat Government & Intellian

  • Offering Reliable Communications at Sea, including Customized Communications Terminals for Vessels at Sea
  • Collaborating with Intellian, Technological Leader in Marine Satellite Antennas
  • Custom Maritime Terminal based on the Intellian GX100PM Terminal
  • Terminal is a Military-Grade, Maritime Stabilized Communications Terminal
  • Pre-Certified to Mil Stds 167-A for Vibration and 461-F for Electromagnetic Compatibility in all Sea States and Weather Conditions
  • Approved for use on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Network
  • Custom RF Module Supports Spaceborne and Terrestrial Connectivity
  • Module Supports Transmission and Reception of Ka-band and worldwide L-band to 6 GHz bands
  • Kit allows Manual Conversion from Ka-band to L-band and back again, while under way

Turnkey Package Includes:

  • Intellian GX100PM Terminal (Part # V3-11PA-311)
  • Fiber Optic Antenna Control Unit (Part # FO-1V40)
  • Modified RF Module Kit (to Support L-band to 6 GHz Frequencies) (Part # RFMOD100)
  • Warranty Covering 3 year Parts and 1 year of Labor
  • Available Exclusively through Inmarsat Government in collaboration with Intellian


  • Two-Year Extended Warranty
  • Installation of Intellian GX100PM on Ship
  • Terminal and Modification Kit Training
  • Spares Kits
Intellian GX 100PM  

Cobham Seatel Backfit Kit

In addition to standard, off-the-shelf products and services, Inmarsat Government works with partners to design products to specific U.S. government requirements. An example of such custom-built innovation is the Cobham Seatel Kit.

Offered exclusively by Inmarsat Government & Cobham Seatel, the Cobham Seatel Kit ensures SaturnBM antennas can still track / function to support its mission.

Cobham Seatel SaturnBM Model 3995 BackFit Kit:

  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
    • Seatel DAC 2202
    • Part 125411-1
  • Turnkey Rework Kit includes:
    • FSK Modem
    • DC-to-DC Converter
    • Low Noise Amplifier
    • Power Inserters
    • Signal Cable
    • Power Cables
    • Sheet Metal Enclosure
    • Part S3995TKK
  • Solution includes NRE, design, proof of concept testing and reports
  • Training / Training Materials; Technical Trainer and Travel
  • Full One Year Warranty – Applicable to ACU and Turnkey Rework Kit
  • Proforma Shipping
Seatel DAC 2202

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