Global Xpress for the U.S. Government

Global. Mobile. Trusted.

Delivering seamless connectivity worldwide.

Through Global Xpress, the first and only end-to-end high-throughput commercial Ka-band network from a single operator that delivers worldwide service, Inmarsat Government brings the benefits of seamless, consistent wideband access to the U.S. government to meet interoperable communication needs, at an affordable price.

Government-tested and in operation today, Global Xpress complements U.S. government satellite communications and delivers a flexible, scalable solution that enables high-throughput, seamless wideband connection, guaranteed performance via easy-to-use terminals that meet mobile, on-demand communication needs, worldwide.

Service Options

Global Xpress is delivered as an end-to-end managed service everywhere – SATCOM as a Service or as Mil-Ka lease capability.

Global Xpress SATCOM as a Service

The unique SATCOM as a Service capability offers Global Xpress mobile high-throughput connectivity the way you need it: simple, affordable and operationally available – anywhere, anytime. It enables access on-demand to satellite capability worldwide. With no infrastructure charges or R&D investment on their part, customers travel from one location to another and simply “plug in” to get the connectivity they need, when they need it.

SATCOM as a Service delivers guaranteed data rates to satisfy mission requirements at a moment’s notice. With solid service level agreements and committed information rates, users get what they ask for, and the quality of the acquired service is assured.

Global Xpress Mil-Ka Lease

Global Xpress high capacity beams operating in the military Ka-band allow NATO and AUSCANZUKUS users to access wideband capacity as part of their own independent network, in the same frequency band as national systems like Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS).

On the ground, in the air or at sea, Department of Defense users can steer their capacity anywhere in the world to seamlessly augment their WGS coverage. They can connect their same Mil-Ka SATCOM terminals, using any DoD-certified waveform, to the same destined Point of Presence, or through Inmarsat-provided Global Xpress secure enclaves.

Boeing Commercial Satellite services is an authorized Value Added Reseller for Global Xpress Mil-Ka lease capacity for the U.S. government market.


Seamless Worldwide Mobility

Wherever the next mission arises, Global Xpress has you covered with a network that is owned and managed 24/7/365 solely by Inmarsat, the U.S. government’s number one provider of mobile satellite services. Purposely designed for mobility, Global Xpress provides a continuous, consistent service anywhere in the world – on land, at sea and in the air -- as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam.

Consistent Performance

Global Xpress provides uniform power to assure consistent, uninterrupted connectivity. Today’s highly mobile worldwide users need capability that connects them anytime, anywhere. To meet this requirement, Global Xpress takes advantage of a seamless spot beam architecture for maximum mobility. When there are demand surges, Global Xpress directs its spot beams to provide additional capacity.


Inmarsat is the gold standard for safety services having been operating the most reliable commercial mobile satellite communication network for over 35 years, with quality of service fundamental to its business. Global Xpress offers unprecedented throughput for worldwide mobility supported by a global, fully redundant ground infrastructure for resilience. When Global Xpress is complemented by Inmarsat L-band services in a hybrid format, users benefit from even greater resilience and frequency diversity.


Global Xpress is a cost-effective approach to wideband. It enables access to high-performance Ka-bandwidth through compact, easy-to-use terminals at a lower cost than existing VSAT services. In addition, our ability to deliver Global Xpress as an end-to-end managed service and offer customized communication solutions often means additional cost savings for government users.


Global Xpress is the only worldwide commercial satellite network that is fully interoperable with MILSATCOM Ka-band networks. Built purposely with additional capabilities specific to government and military users, the Global Xpress worldwide service seamlessly complements the WGS network and allows government users to supplement their capacity using existing WGS-certified terminals. Global Xpress provides the desired flexibility and cost-efficiency, along with optimal redundancy, diversity, protection, scalability and global portability – the ultimate resilience approach.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

U.S. government users can trust that Inmarsat’s secure network infrastructure provides reliable assured access that is built to meet cybersecurity best practices with support from a dedicated cybersecurity team. Global Xpress commercial services and infrastructure are built to meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 Low Impact category controls. The Global Xpress secure enclaves and network are able to meet NIST 800-53 High Impact category controls.

End-to-end Solution

Global Xpress is built on Inmarsat’s trusted worldwide satellite and terrestrial infrastructure. Together with our valued partners, we ensure that you have the connectivity and capacity you need when and where you need it.


Global Xpress delivers wideband data rates through compact and affordable, commercially available Inmarsat type-approved terminals as well as the existing MILSATCOM terminals in your inventory. A broad selection of easy-to-use terminals is available from industry-leading manufacturers for expeditionary, aero and maritime environments in both, commercial and military form factors.


Global Xpress is the answer to the U.S. government’s mission-critical need for mobile and interoperable wideband connectivity that is secure, reliable and cost effective – wherever and whenever it is required. From the defense and intelligence to homeland security, civilian and public safety organizations, Global Xpress enables bandwidth-intensive U.S. government solutions, such as:

  • Manned/unmanned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AISR)
  • Government maritime
  • Operational theatre backhaul
  • Tactical communications
  • Command and Control (C2)
  • Situational awareness
  • Battlefield Information Systems
  • Emergency response

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