Network Optimization, Compression and Acceleration 

Communication over satellites is valued for its ability to deliver unmatched superior user experience compared to terrestrial-based connectivity. Although, unlike terrestrial-based data connectivity, its inherent latency and loss properties means it can be susceptible to reduced network performance if it’s not adequately optimized for efficient transmission. Also, given that price premiums for satellite bandwidth access are generally much higher, optimization practices can help offset satellite operating costs and its associated ground segment infrastructure and equipment requirements. These critical factors, coupled with an ever-increasing cost-conscious economic environment, make network optimization technology virtually a requirement for more efficient satellite solutions.

The Inmarsat Government hybrid approach to connectivity guarantees optimized network transport via both satellite and terrestrial technology. Our global, end-to-end network infrastructure integrates HTTP acceleration and the industry’s most advanced satellite and wireless Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) optimization and acceleration solution, coupled with data compression and pre-fetching techniques to offer customers a technology platform that maximizes mission critical bandwidth capacity. As a result, our technology approach to network optimization delivers a superior end-user experience while making more efficient and effective use of available bandwidth.

We also ensure optimal efficiency of terrestrial network services by utilizing our network optimization capabilities such as terrestrial network resource planning, technical analyses, diversity studies and network grooming. In addition, we leverage our carrier-neutral approach to maximize the cost efficiency of associated hardware and software connectivity.

Recommended services

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  • Deployed Field Support

    Our Engineering Services team knows the field. That because it includes experts who have worked on military communications first-hand—in the military. Wherever there are challenges, our team will get there to meet them.