Solutions for Civilian Agencies

The mandate to “do more with less” has government agencies striving for ways to enhance productivity—and information sharing tops the list.

Our cost-effective communication solutions leverage existing infrastructure and provide a single point of contact for global telecommunications, enabling federal civilian employees to easily share information without sacrificing data integrity or network security.

Further, our private, state-of-the-art global network is “always on,” allowing secure and reliable communication anytime, anywhere. As a result, our customers realize an immediate boost in productivity, which translates to improved service to citizens—the underlying goal of any government agency.

Inmarsat Government aims to support the need for increased bandwidth, global mobility and seamless operations through our suite of products and services. It was designed to meet the evolving needs of federal agencies that aim to provide streamlined applications for their users. In fact, our standards-based solutions enable device-agnostic connectivity so U.S. civilian employees can achieve connectivity using any mobile application, from Apple to PC, smart phone to radio—even Google applications. Our suite of resilient, adaptable products and services can meet a variety of connectivity needs to support small teams or large communities, at an exceptional value.

Recommended services

  • Network Services

    We’ll design, build and manage your network from end-to-end. Our one-stop “big-picture” approach to managed networks provides the coverage, reliability and security you need—and the accountability you want.
  • Professional Services

    Put the industry’s most experienced team of engineers, technical support professionals and Information Assurance experts to work for you. Many have served in the military and government—so they understand your needs.
  • Lifecycle Management

    Plan. Build. Manage. Evolve. That’s our approach to managing your project throughout its lifecycle. And it’s all built on the most important skill of all—our ability to listen, understand and deliver upon your needs.
  • Solutions by Environment

    Land, maritime, aerospace—each environment brings a unique set of demands and challenges. We build solutions take into account not just what your mission requires you to do, but where you may need to do it.