Solutions for Aerospace Environments

Our skies are constantly occupied

Whether carrying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), transporting our armed forces or supporting data collection and border monitoring. As air and atmosphere pilot our aircraft, aviators and airborne commanders rely on Inmarsat Government products and services to deliver real-time communications to ground personnel.

Our constellation of satellites enables high performance flight connectivity to support crew, cockpit and cabin communications that enable several applications. From passengers that want to check email or VPN access and video conferencing, to Defense-centric command and control information, and enhanced situational awareness of battlefields. Inmarsat Government provides connectivity that enables real-time air-to-ground collaboration, weather and flight plan updates and safety communications for U.S. government organizations and agencies.

From supporting C-17s, to enabling connectivity for unmanned aircraft and manned military and intelligence and sensor operations in air or space, our aerospace services and products enable aerial views with instant communications. Our customers trust Inmarsat Government to provide crucial connectivity for tactical operations—from search and rescue to intercepting drug smugglers crossing our U.S. borders, our network is steadfast. In fact, our network services are backed with multi-level security.

For highly sensitive operations, we can employ TRANSEC and FIPS-140-2 encryption to ensure that data is secure and protected.

With secure and reliable service around the globe, we bring our customers a full suite of Inmarsat Legacy and Classic services, including Aero H, H+, I, and L, as well as Mini M Aero and Aero C. We also provide everything-over-IP (EoIP) through SwiftBroadband services, allowing us to support customer needs through cost-effective solutions. Our services enable high-quality voice and low-speed data; it meets the demand for higher bandwidth, and supports government legacy IP encryption and discrete SIMs. At Inmarsat Government, we are committed to providing reliability, information assurance and security across all areas of aeronautical and aerospace operations.

Recommended services

  • Network Services

    We’ll design, build and manage your network from end-to-end. Our one-stop “big-picture” approach to managed networks provides the coverage, reliability and security you need—and the accountability you want.
  • Professional Services

    Put the industry’s most experienced team of engineers, technical support professionals and Information Assurance experts to work for you. Many have served in the military and government—so they understand your needs.
  • Lifecycle Management

    Plan. Build. Manage. Evolve. That’s our approach to managing your project throughout its lifecycle. And it’s all built on the most important skill of all—our ability to listen, understand and deliver upon your needs.
  • Aerospace Terminals

    Our aeronautical products include legacy and classic Inmarsat services, as well as maritime terminals from Honeywell/EMS Satcom, we largely offer SwiftBroadband through Cobham terminals.