Solutions for Maritime Environments

In the middle of the ocean there are no cellular towers or land lines for customers to rely on.

In these conditions, Inmarsat Government understands that secure and reliable communications can truly be a life-line. We also understand that public safety, global reach, uninterrupted service, and network security are constant concerns for our maritime government customers. That’s why U.S. government organizations and maritime operations trust our satellite coverage in oceans around the world. They rely on us to provide reliable and secure end-to-end communications in our vast oceans, enabling information dominance. 

Our solutions are designed to support our customers’ demands for improved shipboard use of interoperable networks, and to provide the connectivity needed to augment legacy networks to enable secure, net-centric data and services access. Inmarsat Government maritime solutions provide real-time electronic weather and chart updates. They enable our U.S. government Naval and Marine customers to adequately conduct search and rescue operations, and to respond to distress calls. And much more. Globally, securely and cost effectively.

From wherever duty calls, our maritime services move you from one satellite to another seamlessly, ensuring that remote communications will remain constant and connected. In fact, our global constellation of satellites ensures customers receive guaranteed connectivity with automatic beam switching. Explore our maritime solutions, providing secure, interoperable network communications for all manner of naval operations, as well as critical maritime operations such as administrative, logistical and support functions that require reliable communication services at sea.

Recommended services

  • Network Services

    We’ll design, build and manage your network from end-to-end. Our one-stop “big-picture” approach to managed networks provides the coverage, reliability and security you need—and the accountability you want.
  • Professional Services

    Put the industry’s most experienced team of engineers, technical support professionals and Information Assurance experts to work for you. Many have served in the military and government—so they understand your needs.
  • Lifecycle Management

    Plan. Build. Manage. Evolve. That’s our approach to managing your project throughout its lifecycle. And it’s all built on the most important skill of all—our ability to listen, understand and deliver upon your needs.
  • Maritime Terminals

    With SAILOR terminals reliable high-speed IP communication now becomes available to ships of all sizes, providing broadband data and voice simultaneously on the latest generation of Inmarsat satellites.